Shelley Bennett Trifos


Shelley A. Bennett Trifos is a native of Sydney, Nova Scotia. Shelley received her Canadian Institute of Management designation in May, 1991.

Shelley has served as both Secretary and Treasurer for the Cape Breton Branch of the Canadian Institute of Management, as well as Campaign Chairperson and President of the Cape Breton Community Concert Association, and is a current board member of the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design, as well as a volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society and Cape Breton Cancer Centre.

Shelley worked with C.A. Campbell Consultants Limited, Consulting Engineers from 1987 to 1989. In 1989, Shelley joined Trifos Design Consultants on a full-time basis. Initially, Shelley assumed many administrative tasks, such as reorganizing all company project files, restructuring the project/proposal record-keeping system, and devising an effective accounting system for all Client/Project invoices. She quickly assumed the position of General Manager, becoming responsible for hiring of personnel, handling of Client inquiries, supervision of the staff of Trifos Design Consultants, and overseeing project and general accounting.

In 1991, Shelley began to undertake numerous interior-design and product-specification tasks; and, since that time, she has worked as a design-team member on many architectural-design projects. She was responsible for the selection and specification of interior-design products, including floor finishes; wall and window treatments; furniture; fixtures; etc.

Shelley is responsible for the interior design of many of Trifos Design Consultant's architectural/interior design projects. Some of those interior-design projects are as follows:

  • CND Health-Care Centre (MacGillivray Guest Home Addition), Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Gail Rudderham Chernin Law Offices, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • League Saving's and Mortgage Co., Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • New Dawn Pine-Tree Park Guest Home, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotia Legal Aid Offices, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Silicon Island Art and Innovation Centre, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • St. Joseph's Church and Pastoral Centre, Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • Tiagh Gradhach (Children's Training Centre), Sydney, Nova Scotia
  • University College of Cape Breton Campus-Centre Expansion, Sydney, Nova Scotia

In 2009, Shelley assumed the position of Chief Administrative Officer of Trifos Design Consultants, working with the Principal Architect to oversee and coordinate all aspects of the firm's operations.