About Trifos

Dynamic, enterprising, and ambitious, Trifos Design Consultants continues to provide services for government facilities; professional, commercial, corporate, institutional, and industrial developments; health-care facilities; churches; public/administration buildings; heritage restorations; hospitality, food-service, retail outlets; day-care facilities; and large-scale, residential-design projects.

Trifos Design Consultants believes in helping Clients achieve their visions through the provision of professional, creative, individualized, and specialized service, meeting the highest standards of quality. In the development of their designs, Trifos Design Consultants employs and specifies, wherever possible, the use of local materials and standardized construction techniques.

Today's construction industry is constantly affected by many complex, technological advances. More now than ever before, Trifos Design Consultants' Clients require an increasingly-sophisticated response to the considerations of construction techniques, codes, and zoning regulations; materials and energy technology; environmental issues; volatile organic compound product emissions; and colour psychology effects. As a result of these technological advances, today's architect must possess extensive technical and engineering knowledge; organizational and management ability; environmental, sociological, and political sensitivity; legal acumen; and design talent. Architects must be knowledgeable of other professional skills, so that they can coordinate the efforts of a team of specialists in the complex process of design and construction. This coordination is made possible through the use of standardized computer systems, packages, and software; enabling architects, and their often broad team of consultants, to effectively and efficiently perform and complete a job on time, and within the constraints of the budget.

Since its inception in 1986, Trifos Design Consultants has been providing architectural and interior-design services to increasingly-sophisticated consumers with more technical and demanding needs. Trifos Design Consultants has been able to easily accommodate its Clients, as a direct result of the advanced architectural/computer tools acquired over the past number of years. Trifos Design Consultants is consistently upgrading these architectural/computer tools, in order to provide optimum and superior Client service.