Congregation of Notre Dame Care Facility

Trifos Design Consultants has established a strong reputation for designing health-care environments that offer dignity, privacy, and independence in a psychologically-positive and friendly environment, to all those housed within a facility. Trifos Design Consultants was commissioned by the Congregation of Notre Dame to design an annex to the existing MacGillivray Guest Home in Sydney, to house the Congregation of Notre Dame (CND).

The primary objective of the project was to link the existing MacGillivray Guest Home to a fully-accessible, twenty-five bed, Nursing-Care Facility/Annex. The annex was designed and constructed to meet universal design standards for a level-two, intensive- and personal-care facility. The design incorporates immediate access to such necessary services as nursing facilities, pharmaceutical and medical management, therapeutic services, laundry services, and food services.

The 20,000 square-foot addition consists of three primary design components. The initial component links the new, three-storey addition to the core of the existing, occupied building via an on-level, connecting passageway. The second component establishes a separate, on-grade, vehicular and pedestrian access for residents, visitors, and staff of the new addition. This lower-level also houses offices, recreation space, social space, storage area, and washrooms. The third and final component consists of resident nursing-care facilities on the second and third levels, linked via a passageway to the core of the existing building.