CBU Cabot Hall

This design for a new, 122-bed, student residence for the University College of Cape Breton is heavily influenced by the late, “plain-Victorian” style, prevalent in Cape Breton. The domestic architecture of industrial Cape Breton, particularly the coal- and steel-company houses, tended to be plain and regimented, with limited decorative elements. This design embraces the traditional vernacular of early Cape Breton residences and scholastic buildings, and seeks to establish a dialogue with the past.

The design features plain, pedimented gables; over-scaled soffit mouldings; and gable medallions on steep, pitched roofs. A rusticated, masonry base is topped by three clapboard-clad storeys.

The design features two main entrances with central stairwells, serving four apartment floors. Each apartment features four single bedrooms with two individual bathrooms, a spacious living area, and a kitchen/dining alcove. Each apartment bedroom shall contain phone, cable, and computer outlets and zoned, in-floor, radiant heating. Each apartment is furnished with a sofa and armchair, dining set, beds, desks, and task chairs.