CBU Centre of Excellence for I.T.

The CBU (then UCCB) Centre of Excellence for Information Technology was designed to reflect and evoke the new spirit of IT culture. The inherent challenge for Trifos Design Consultants was to create a new sense of space, detached from the language of the existing wing, within which, this department is housed.

The special “other world” character of this space is defined and anchored by a high drum vault accented with an expressive multi point light form. Colour, pattern, translucency and curvilinear built forms create a complex interplay of visual devices which are ambiguous and definitely not straight forward. Boundaries merge and interweave creating a a chaotic sense of awareness and interaction. The Modern world of electronic media is irrational and constantly fluid. So too, Trifos Design Consultants’ design attempts to capture this spirit in real time and real physical presence.