St. F.X. University Coady International Institute

Trifos Design Consultants and Bird Construction were commissioned by St. Francis Xavier University to design the new Coady International Institute in the Xavier Complex, at the centre of campus.

In 1959, St. Francis Xavier University established the Coady Institute, and assigned it the mandate of training community leaders from around the world, and conducting programs oriented towards the development needs of disadvantaged people. In essence, peoples with the knowledge and skills they need to shape their own destinies.

The photos and renderings illustrate Trifos Design Consultants' philosophy of interpretation, rather than innovation. The additions and interventions to the existing campus architecture seek to establish a dialogue with the past, and with the rich traditions inherent in the Campus' historic buildings. Through careful study of the architectural language of the existing affected structures, a revised,"modern-traditionalism," architectural language was proposed for the new additions and infill structures.