CBU Transit Hub

The Cape Breton University Transit Hub was designed to accommodate an expanding need for access to public transit on Campus. Built as an extension of the Canada Games Complex, the Transit Hub’s location creates a focal juncture where pedestrian and vehicular traffic effectively intersect.

A light and airy architectural expression establishes a welcoming and transparent arrival nexus for passengers arriving by transit. The structure-framing elements, echoing that of the branches of a tree, reflect the natural setting of this addition, located at the central-court/commons area of the University Campus.

The glass enclosure acts as a highly visible shelter for students awaiting the arrival of transit vehicles, and also houses food and beverage services, as well as access to the Canada Games Complex Arena.

Students congregating within the space are immersed in natural light provided by way of large, clerestory fenestration. At night, the illuminated hub creates a unique, warm, lantern-light effect.