Meadows Pharmasave

Meadows Pharmasave is a medical/pharmaceutical pharmacy and retail outlet, located alongside Cape Breton’s busy Highway No. 4, on the periphery of the city of Sydney.

The design challenge associated with this project was to create an effective architectural dialog between this retail facility, and the charm of its rather sub-rural setting. Instead of producing a cookie-cutter, prototype-based design solution for Meadows Pharmasave, the design team opted for a more unique identity -- one that is appropriate for its sub-rural, architectural context.

The building features large soffits that create a threshold between the interior and exterior, while large dormers accentuate the building entrances. These traditional design features, in concert with the high colour contrast between the wood detailing and the exterior cladding, create the aesthetic of an era gone by; when retail outlets reflected the character of their community, and presented a comfortable reassurance by way of their design vocabulary.