Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion

Trifos Design Consultants, in conjunction with Gatrill Management Associates Inc., and on behalf of the Sydney Ports Corporation Inc., worked together to create a design for the redevelopment of the Sydney Marine Terminal. A recent, dramatic increase in cruise-ship visitations, coupled with a reduction in bulk freight handling at the Sydney Marine Terminal, has necessitated a need to redevelop the existing infrastructure. In addition to serving cruise ship passengers, the redeveloped terminal facility also serves the needs of the local tourism and cultural development sector.

The terminal-shed modifications provide space for the addition of a Cape Breton interpretation centre, a tourist information centre, craft workshop spaces, retail spaces, food-service facilities, an internet cafe, and public washroom facilities. A semicircular prow addition to the existing transit shed allows interior and exterior perspectives of the internal, open atrium and lighthouse feature. The transparent glazed prow is the main organizational focus of the addition, which also incorporates a large portal entranceway, a canopied arcade, and a landscaped outdoor terrace.