About the Team

Selecting Trifos Design Consultants for your architectural and interior-design requirements...

When you embark on a development/construction program, you are making a commitment to what may be a major investment of an unknown quantity. While it is possible to define the proposed facility broadly, in terms of size and function, there are significant variables that have to be analyzed in order to complete the project to your satisfaction. Numerous questions prevail, such as the following:

• What purpose will the facility serve?

• How long will it need to serve this particular purpose?

• Should the facility be designed to accommodate future extensions or adaptations?

• Will the structure present the proper image, representing you, or your particular business?

• If necessary, will the structure properly represent the community in which it resides?

• Will the construction be a small, singular effort; or will it be a large project requiring the coordinated effort of diverse contracting groups providing differentiated services?

Through careful design, planning, and specification, an architect can provide the knowledge and leadership essential for the successful completion of projects of any size and scope. A competent and qualified architect can ensure, through planning and coordination, that the design and construction of your building is satisfactory during the construction phase, and is operationally functional for the longer term. In this era of greater building constraints and higher costs, it is imperative that you select the proper architect to coordinate your project. Trifos Design Consultants has the professional training, and the most advanced equipment available, to ensure the efficient completion of your project. Utilizing the latest in Macintosh CADD (Computer-Aided Drafting and Design) Equipment, Trifos Design Consultants can complete a diverse array of projects effectively, efficiently, on time, and within budgetary constraints.

Trifos Design Consultants' success and design reputation is spirited and energized by dedicated, experienced, and highly-motivated personnel. Committed to quality, and the provision of imaginative and effective solutions to ever-changing needs, our Team exceeds in meeting our Clients' goals.