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Richmond County Municipal Building
Arichat , Nova Scotia

The Municipality of the County of Richmond commissioned Trifos Design Consultants to create a new municipal services building to replace their existing, antiquated, Municipal office facility. The new facility plan is designed for location on a sloped site, immediately to the rear of the existing facility, and orients the building lengthwise across the site. The existing building was removed and a new, commemorative, public plaza was constructed in its place.

The design indicates traditional-style motifs for the wood cladding, entry porch, gable and window treatments, and cornice moldings. The stylistic architectural elements of the building seek to reflect, and be influenced by, the context of their surroundings. The plan of the new facility option seeks to organize all of the required program elements around the main entry and great-hall space. The circulation pattern for the departments consists of double-corridor systems, encircling and connecting all support spaces. Public and staff access is primarily supervised by the reception station, adjacent to the main entry.

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The focal point of the design is the ceremonial great hall, which is on axis with the main entry. The great hall features a high, vaulted, sky-lit ceiling; display cases; and public accessibility to the Council Chamber, Warden and Councilor(s) offices, and restrooms.

The new facility includes a slab-on-grade, wood-frame, and wood roof-truss system. All interior partitions were sound-insulated, stud-frame systems, with pressed-steel frames, and solid-core, wood door systems. Exterior windows and entries are commercial-grade, aluminum, insulated frames and insulated glass. The exterior envelope is traditional, wood-clapboard cladding and insulated, wood-stud frame. The roof membrane is asphaltic shingles on sloped, wood trusses. Interior finishes include laminated millwork; painted drywall partitions; suspended, acoustic-tile ceilings; hard tile; vinyl tile; and commercial carpeting. Fixturing and fittings include washroom partitions, washroom accessories, a roll-down projection screen, a council-chamber sound system, council-chamber furniture, and public seating in the great hall.

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