Cape Breton Country Inns

Cape Breton is an island of beauty, boasting picturesque and breathtaking scenic routes. Consequently, there exists, on the island, a vibrant tourism sector, attracting visitors from around the world. Services provided by the bed-and-breakfast/country inn sector make up a significant part of the tourism and hospitality market.

Trifos Design Consultants has worked with numerous tourism and hospitality clients through the provision of design services for this market. Our design philosophy for this sector attempts to reflect the special nature of Cape Breton culture.

There are recurring vernacular themes that Trifos Design Consultants strives to maintain in designing bed-and-breakfast facilities and country inns. Steeply-pitched roofs and clapboard provide a traditional interpretation of Cape Breton’s traditional cultural history.

Other design characteristics of these buildings include projecting bays, dormers, and balconies/decks that complement the surroundings and frame spectacular views.

Drawing inspiration from Cape Breton’s past provides our clients with unique expressions of identity, which are suitable for toady’s discerning traveling public. It is our firm’s belief that the vocabulary of these small buildings should be contextually sympathetic to the architecture and language of the local community; thereby, continuing Cape Breton’s unique heritage into the new millennium.