"Necessity is the mother of invention" is an appropriate adage for explaining why building projects get started. No building project will ever come to life unless numerous parties, perhaps with differing perceptions and goals, agree that there is a genuine need for whatever is to be built.

For a variety of reasons, many architectural projects are never realized. Inadequate sites, budgetary constraints, lack of market, political controversy, etc., are just a few of the factors contributing to unbuilt works. Some projects may eventually be executed; however, in many cases, not as the architect originally conceived them.

The following images are picturesque expressions of architectural concepts which have yet to be realized. These schemes represent the balance between romantic ideals and pragmatic tectonics -- the first step in any building project. Wistfully, these images remain to serve as a reminder of dreams unfulfilled.

Point Tupper Generating Station Entrance Addition and Renovation 05-001 view 14 STFX Gate 'K'
Point Tupper Cape Breton University St. F.X. University
Generating Station Centre for Sustainability in Entrance Gates
Addition and Renovation Energy and the Environment
Arial Rend Clr 11-055 120202 8 VIEW FROM UPPER ESPLANADE cropped
Cape Breton Waterfront
Miners' Museum Expansion Mixed-Use Building

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